Reverse Mortgage
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Information about Reverse Mortgages

A reverse mortgage is basically a home loan that is awarded only to people who are 62 years or older. Applicants for this loan must also own residential property with a very low balance on their mortgage loan. Borrowers can apply for loan amounts up to the total amount of money they have paid over the years on their mortgage. Many people often have difficulty finding information about reverse mortgages. Fortunately, the internet has everything they may need.

This type of loan is also known as a lifetime loan or a remortgage. It is only due when the borrower dies or moves out of the house. When obligations of the mortgage are not met, the borrower will also be required to repay the lifetime loan. Apart from owners of single family homes, those who live in buildings that have 4 units can also qualify provided they live in one of the units. The home must also meet the required conditions.

Unlike traditional home loans, borrowers receive payments monthly for as long as they live or as long as they meet the requirements. The amount of money they can borrow depends on the interest rate, age and the equity they have in their homes.  Borrowers who are older get large payments while those who have just retired get lower payments. In the event that the borrower dies, the mortgage company will liquidate the home and recover the principal amount plus interest and other related fees.

Before applying for these loans, a person should look for more information about reverse mortgages. Speaking to a financial consultant or adviser before applying for these loans is a good idea. Ideally, you should negotiate for better interest rate before you sign the loan agreement.